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At Britona we specialise in just a few commodities that are essential ingredients for major food production throughout the world. We only trade with ethical farmers and suppliers who are transparent and promote fair trade. Therefore, we can deliver these essential commodities with the knowledge that our business not only offers a great price to our customers but also the values we subscribe to.

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Our range is extensive 

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An extensive range

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Ethically sourced

sustainable farming, superb quality & great price



Our corn is sourced from all over the world including, Brazil and South Africa. Our partners are ethically focused organisations that only operate within a strict code of practice that demands all growing and harvesting are both ecological and sustainable. We are proud to only trade with organisations that share our values.

Image by Samuel Agyeman-Duah


Our partners are driven by traceability, efficiency and sustainability which ensures that the wheat we trade is always ethical and of the highest grade at the best price. 

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We only trade in ethically sourced cocoa beans that have been harvested from sustainable forests where workforces are legally aged, well looked after and well paid. 

Image by Pablo Merchán Montes
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